About Us

It is currently a technology-assisted truck assembler in Jordan, serving farmers, shippers and other private sector clients.

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Who are we?

Company began YalaNaqel In 2020, a new wave in domestic freight forwarding with a vision to become the leading digital platform for trucking services. We strongly believe that utilizing cutting-edge technology to order, improve and revolutionize a comprehensive transportation journey will help us reach Jordan coverage! and (realizing our vision).

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Our mission

What is our work?

company availability YalaNaqel Jordanian simple and smarter transportation / shipping solutions that help farmers and individuals to ship vegetables, fruits, foodstuffs and equipment by booking any type of trucks available on the application (open, closed, refrigerated), and allows tracking transportation and facilitating the process of electronic payment and cash, and saving Money and facilitate the arrival of your order securely!

Our team

I work for YallaNaqel, the best specialists in several fields such as commerce, digital marketing and designers

The quality of our services

At YalaNaqel, we care about quality to be the best


One of the factors of success is time, as we care about speed and realize the meaning of time and how to use it

YalaNaqel application provides transportation services around the clock, from small carriers and individuals (which constitute up to 90% of the YalaNaqel fleet) and we move large quantities with large carriers owning more than 5 trucks. YalaNaqel leverages the latest technology to speed up daily operations - automated order bookings, real-time pricing, real-time shipment status and shipment tracking, truck availability, zero-first-served drivers, and technology to maintain your monthly order information.

YalaNaqel app provides a competitive market in terms of truck ordering speed, eases operational hassles, and reduces future risks.